Choose the right Solar Products for Industries, Commercials and Housing communities.

Solar Power Solutions
Arnym Ecogreen has been setting new standards in the manufacture of Solar and LED products. Our expert team ensures that we make significant inroads into the Indian and Global markets. We prosper and thrive in long-term partnerships with existing and new customers. Saving the environment is a responsibility we do not take lightly. Our employees are carefully chosen, each of us is enriched with in-depth knowledge and strong relevant skills. This is why we are able to consistently deliver results and satisfy our customers.

Solar Products

Our production unit goes beyond merely using the sun’s energy to power our products. Through relentless innovation, we have managed to reduce manufacturing costs, while making top quality and long-lasting products. Say hello to reduced electricity bills with us.

EcoLED products

Apart from Solar LED lighting products, Infiniti Solar is also a pioneer is EcoLED lighting products. As compared to other LED products in the market, our stand out designs and add-ons have enhanced our EcoLED lighting products to use 50% to 85% less power.