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Arnym Eco Green and Raindrops Water Technologies offer Consultancy and Project execution for Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) with latest technologies like FAB, MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor) or SAFF with automatic operation or semi-automatic operation or manual operation as per customers’ requirements and as per site conditions and the area availability.

Plants that handle about 1 to 250 Kilo Liters per day as called the small sewage water treatment plants. They can be easily placed in underground tanks and existing septic tanks. Operating and maintaining these small plants are quite easy and have a low running expense as well and the treated water from this plant can be used in flushing, after using disinfecting chemicals.

This requires plumbing to be laid so as to serve two sets of storage tanks on the roofs of any residential/commercial building. One set of storage tanks will be used to receive and store fresh water which will flow through plumbing laid to take it to bathrooms and kitchens where it can be used for drinking, cooking, washing & bathing.The second set of tanks will receive treated sewage which will be connected by plumbing to all the flush tanks in toilets and to other points where the water can be used for washing yards, floors and also for gardening.

The thin bio-film on the elements enable the bacteria to act upon the biodegradable matter in the water and reduce the BOD content while the rapid turbulent movement of the water in the presence of oxygen available from air, certain amount of COD is also removed.

Case to case it varies because of different kW of motors.

Yes, unfortunately, it is true. If sewage treatment was simple and easy for all to understand.

Due to Air, It will be in suspension mode in the MBBR reactor.

For removal of odour from treated sewage.

It will be between 60°-75°.

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Sewage Treatment Plant

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