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Water Treatment Plant

We are manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of Water Treatment plants across the globe and our expertise is in offering end-to-end solutions.

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RO Plant

We are leading manufacturers and exporters of commercial and Industrial RO Plant from India.

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Industrial RO Plant

We offer a wide range of industrial reverse osmosis Plants, according to customers’ requirement and the water type available.

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Packaged Drinking Water Plant

Package Drinking Water plants have some basic requirements that should be available

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Mineral Water Plant

With the passion to provide pristine and good quality Mineral Water, we design and provide full set up for turnkey system of Mineral Water plants.

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UF System

We design Ultra Filtration plants for various applications like RO pre treatment, drinking water, ETP, STP and as per customised requirements.

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UV Plant

Using ultraviolet (UV) light for drinking water disinfection dates back to 1910. It is a reliable means of disinfection which involves exposing contaminated water to radiation from UV light.

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Water Softner

Water is considered ‘hard’ when it has excessive levels of Calcium and Magnesium dissolved in it.

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DM Plant

Arnym Eco Green, DM Plants are designed based on latest cost effective ion exchange technique of counter current regeneration.

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Fully Automatic Water Filtration System

We Offer fully Automatic Water Treatment Plants like RO Plant and Softening Plant.

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Turnkey Project For Drinking Water

We are specialised in offering water treatment plants on turnkey basis that are widely used to treat water or waste water for drinking or other utilities.

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  • Pressure Sand Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • Cartridge Filter Housing
  • Micron Cartridge Filter

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    Waste Water Technologies-Sewage Treatment Plant 6.

    Sewage Treatment Plant

    We offer Consultancy and Project execution for Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) with latest technologies like FAB, MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor) or SAFF

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    Waste Water Technologies-Effluent Treatment Plant-1.

    Effluent Treatment Plant

    We are well established manufacturers of ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) in India. We offer a wide range of processes for removing and recycling the water / waste water

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    Waste Water Technologies-Common Effluent Treatment Plant-1

    Common Effluent Treatment Plant

    Common Effluent Treatment Plant is treating effluents by means of a collective effort mainly for a cluster of small scale industrial units.

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    Grey Water Management

    We offer technical services for management of Greywater or sullage generated in households or office/commercial buildings from streams without faecal contamination from toilets.

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    Environmental Audit & Management

    Environmental audit is defined as basic management tool which comprises a systematic, documented, periodic and objective evaluation of how well organization, management systems and equipments are performing.

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