Portable Box Type Solar Cooker

Box Type Solar Cooker

Additional information

  • With 4 reflective foldable flaps fitted with mirror coated with stainless steel this avoid breakage.
  • Gives 3 times more radiation than the regular box cookers this helps in faster cooking.
  • 3 individual anodized pressure cooking pots provided for faster cooking.
  • Box insulated to avoid heat loss
  • Cooker equipped with castor wheals for easy movement
  • Adjustable base stand for aligning the cooker perpendicular to the sun rays
  • On sunny days, the cooking temp inside the cooker can reach as high as 200 c
  • Weight 22 kgs
  • All types of Veg and Non-Veg food can be cooked in 1.5hrs on a regular sunny day.
  • Min 3-4 people can be fed in one sitting.
  • With 1-year warranty

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