Management Team-Mr.Pradip Gupta

Pradip Gupta

Pradip Gupta completed his education in India with Graduation in Commerce from Bombay University, followed by post graduation to qualify as a Chartered Accountant (CPA). Presently Associate Member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Pradip Gupta has extensive experience in Finance, Marketing and Sales in Europe and Middle East through identification of new opportunities, developing alliances with leaders of Packaging industry in Europe and Far East and creating sales network.

He has held Consultative positions with major Packaging industries in Europe and succeeded in creating dominant market position for them in the Middle East. His last position was CEO of a reputed Packaging company in United Arab Emirates before returning to India in 2016 to start business in Concentrating Solar Thermal Technology.

In 1994 he was awarded Order of Merit for International Trading by the Indian Council of Management Executives.

Currently, his passion is in the field of Renewable Energy and Water Technologies as he has serious concern for the Environment.

He has done extensive research on changing climatic patterns due to global warming and industrial pollution thereby causing negative effects on the environment in general.

His other research is on the gradual depletion of water resources due to global population growth followed by infrastructural and industrial development and the consequential reduction in forests and green lands leading to drought, floods and cyclones.

Management Team-Indu Gupta.

Indu Gupta

Indu Gupta graduated in Commerce from Delhi University and took position in Foreign Exchange and Treasury with a major Bank in the United Arab Emirates.

During her banking tenure she gained extensive experience in International Trade Banking and had the opportunity to deal with captains of various industries. Her last position was with a Display and Packaging Company in United Arab Emirates as Director of Finance, Accounts and Administration where she skillfully assisted the management in creating a market niche by motivating the company team to achieve results as forecasted. She proved to be a effective team player.

On her return to Pune, India in 1997, Indu Gupta started as a social activist and was involved with the Inner Wheel of the Rotary Club, Pune, India. Her main thrust was on empowerment of women in villages, composting and creating awareness of the ill effects of alcoholism in poor families.

Indu Gupta is actively involved as Environmentalist related to sustainable development including rejuvenation of river and lake in Pune, India. She has been awarded the prestigious Kirloskar Vasundhara Award for her project on Ramnadi at Pune. Her social services have been recognised by the Pune Municipal Corporation and has won accolades from various Public Institutions of Mumbai and Pune.

She is also affiliated to a Public Trust that caters to the well being of remote villagers around Pune, India in terms of education, composting, kitchen waste management, health and women empowerment.

Management Team- Kinjal Shah.

Kinjal Shah

Kinjal Shah, a visionary entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in Environmental Consultancy & Project execution, he is the founder and Managing Director of Raindrops Water Technologies. Working as a Mechanical Engineer in the initial years of his career, he started his own firm in 2005 and over the next decade, almost single handedly guided the Company to gain widespread recognition. He is expert in Industrial and Domestic RO, UF, UV, Softener plants and has carved a forte in business modelling and identification of new business not only in Indian subcontinent, but also across the globe. He is a great visionary with lot of enthusiasm for expanding the business in India and abroad.

Kinjal Shah has excellent skills in business development and Client Management. He heads Research and Development team in the company for creating new techniques for treatment of water & waste water and has travelled globally including Germany, France, China , Egypt, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, USA with strategic assignments of Water & Waste Water Projects.

Management Team- YashwantKumar Pandey.

Yashwant Pandey

Yashwant Pandey is an Environmental Professional & Certified lead Auditor for QMS 9001:2015 & EMS 14001:2015. Completed his Master of Philosophy degree in Energy & Environment Management from DAVV Indore (India) and M.Sc. (Environment Science) from Post Graduate College, Ghazipur (India). He is a University topper and has also worked as a Guide for Students dissertation work. He has over 9 years of experience in the field of Business Development and Project Execution of water and waste water projects. He has carried out extensive research work on various Environmental issues related to waste water. He is actively involved in Joint Venture Agreements and management of Environmental Business.

Yashwant Pandey is Certified Diploma Holder of Environment Heath Safety and Environment / NABET accredited functional area expert for Water Pollution in 2016 and possesses about ten years experience in Waste Water and Environmental projects.  His versatility extends to techno-commercial management of National and International turnkey projects and presently heads Waste Water division that includes bringing up of business verticals in India and globally. He has excellent inter personal skills for business development and trouble free execution of Waste Water Projects. He has extensively travelled in South East Asia for Business development and Projects execution.