Home Lighting System

Home Lighting System-SAIJYOTI

Main Key Features

  • Combines International quality with, Low cost, making it possible to offer SAIJYOTI with solar mobile charger at an amazingly Low price.
  • Ensures full room lighting, equivalent to a 40W GLS Bulb, with no dark areas as observed in present solar lantern.
  • Comes with an innovative flexible stand for the solar EcoLED Bulb and a holder for the solar PV Panel. The solar EcoLED Bulb can be hung from the ceiling or from the walls or used as a table lamp and even as a hand held torch.
  • The Photovoltaic(PV) panel is held perpendicular to the sun rays and as such collects maximum solar radiation and optimally charges the battery to full capacity within a short time.
  • With its touch mode/push button operation of 3 light level settings (high, Medium, Low) it allows the customer a flexibility of daily usage (6hrs, 12hrs & 24hrs)
  • The Special Lithium Ferrous Phosphate Battery has a minimum lifespan of 10 yrs viz-a-viz 1 year for smf lead acid batteries being used presently in Solar Lanterns.
  • SaiJyoti will bring light and joy to rural households, enabling and empowering them to dramatically improve their quality of life, offering them independence from the vagaries of the grid connected power utilities and providing substantial fisical savings to them and the Government
  • 2 years warranty



DescriptionTechnical Specifications
Solar PV Panel6v-5Wp, Polycrystalline cell with cell efficiency of 15%
BatteryLiFePo4 capacity – 6.4V – 3000mAH
Charge ControllerBattery Overcharge & Battery Low cutoff,
Dimming: 25%, 50% & 100%,
Efficiency > 95%
Led DriverConstant Current
LED’s12 CW LED’s of 4W
Lumen200 lm/w Osram LED
Mobile ChargerYes
Ac-DC ChargerInput 220V Ac – Output 10V Dc (Optional)

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