Environmental Audit for controlling pollution levels and better waste management

Environmental Audit is defined as a basic management tool comprising of systematic, documented, periodic and objective evaluation of performance of the Organization and its management systems and industrial processes.

A good environment management policy requires that there should be a constant effort to analyze and monitor various industrial working systems and processes in order to generate and transmit reports to the inspecting authority for analysis of pollution generated on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis and this forms the basic for conducting Environmental Audit.

Following are the 3 phases when Environmental Audit is taken up for an industry:

Phase 1: Pre-audit activity pertaining to collection of information.
Phase 2: Activity at site pertaining to evaluation of information collected.
Phase 3: Post audit activity pertaining to drawing conclusion and identifying areas of improvement if any.

  • Environment audit needs for an industry are of internal as well as of external values 

  • External needs serve to achieve compliance standards and establish a report with regulatory bodies for implementation of environment management policies. 

  • Internal need serves the industry as well as is a self evaluation tool for the process and technology. 

  • It helps in pollution control, improves production safety and health conservations of nocturnal resources by the way of ensuring waste prevention and reduction, assessing compliance with regulatory requirement, placing environmental information to the public.

  • EA report provides the necessary information on how well the management systems are performing to keep place with sustainable level of development. 
  • It provides performance evaluation of industrial working facilities and its possible effect in the surrounding. 
  • It refers to compliance with local, regional and national laws and regulations. 
  • Potential areas for reduction in raw material consumption leads to cost savings. 
  • Provide an upto date environmental data to the inspecting authority.

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