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We are leading Consultants in design, supply and installation of  Water treatment plants (RO, DM, Softener, UV, UF) and Waste Water treatment plants (Sewage, Effluent and Grey Water Treatment) on very compact mode and have gained market recognition in the field of Water & Waste Water Technologies.

Our portfolio consists of providing advanced Raw Water and Waste Water Technologies, Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and Environmental Audit. Our lead partner is ISO 9001 certified company with proven track record, having major clients globally.

Availability of support team in Philippines.

Water Management-Company Overview.
Waste Water Management-Company Overview.

Why the need of Water Treatment?

Water is a basic necessity. However, with the increasing generation of domestic, commercial and industrial effluents, there is need to worry and introspect. Statistics from world bodies and organisations indicate future major scarcity of water globally in years to come.

Prevention of Disease

About 10% of diseases worldwide could be abolished through improvements to the quality of drinking water.

Limited Quantity

With limited quantity of fresh water available globally, the need is to reuse and recycle the waste water.

Disposal of Effluents

Industrial effluents need to be disposed off without danger to human health or causing any irreversible damage to the natural environment.

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Our lead partner manufactures high density LED Solar Street Lights, Solar Home products, Solar Panels and Solar Bulbs and Tubelights. We offer items that are dependable, durable, high-performing, easy to install, Low maintenance cost and has a prevalent impeccable quality.
Solar Products

Why choose Arnym Eco Green?

1. Advanced and Improved
Our dedicated Team is constantly engaged in improving product life and its efficiency.

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Our products are perfectly designed to save your money and meet your solar lighting needs.

3. Happy customers
Our lead partner have served over 1500+ happy customers since 2002!”

The Real Advantage

Lasting and optimal performance in any season and at any temperature is a guarantee we provide with every Solar product.


Save money, save energy and save the planet by choosing the ultimate, environment-friendly range of Solar products.


Solar systems require almost no maintenance. We conduct annual cleaning so as to keep the panels clean and longer lasting (15-20 years).

Pradip Gupta.

Pradip Gupta, CEO

With wide exposure and experience in Finance, Marketing and Sales in Europe and Middle East, he is committed towards providing a better future to the coming generations.

Environmental and Social Activists are part of our team to educate communities on treating, saving water and power.Sensitizing Industries on recycling waste water and solar power, utilizing for industries, housing communities and saving power bills. “Water is the Elixir of life and being a scarce natural resource, it should be treated as precious. We at Arnym wish to create mass awareness that much can be done by every citizen to manage water resources seriously, may be it is for drinking or for utilities in households, commercial and industrial zones”.