Bottled Drinking Water Plant for retail and bulk consumers

Bottled Drinking Water Plant

Bottled Drinking Water plants – basic requirements


  • Borewell OR raw water source
  • Raw Water Storage tank as per plant capacity
  • Constructed Area (flooring, walls, ceiling and compartments / partitions as per BIS requirement) Adequate and uninteruppted power supply
  • Laboratory facility (as per BIS requirement)


RO plant with Pre filtration, RO system, UV, Ozonation and Storage tank. Capacity Litre per hour : 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 +++


PET Blow Molding Machine – Capacity bottles per hour : 700, 1400, 2400, 4800. 
Rinsing, Filling & Capping Machine (for 0.5 L, 1 L and 2 Litre bottles) with Conveyor, Shrink tunnel and Printer – Capacity bottles per hour : 700, 1400, 2400, 4800.
Pouch Packing Machine – Capacity pouches per hour : 2200 Jar Rinsing, Filling and Capping Machine Capacity Jar per hour : 200 Automatic Glass Rinsing, Filling & Sealing – Capacity Cup per hour : 1400-1500

Process for Packaged Drinking Water Plant :

Pre-treatment of raw water, filtration, RO application, UV disinfectation and Ozonation.


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