Water Use and Reuse in your daily life

Water Use and Reuse in your daily life

Water is very precious and an important aspect for every species on our Mother Earth.


In today’s scenario water is becoming a major concern to worry and we foresee a widespread drought in the near future while some places are already facing the drought in current situations.


In order to minimize this situation, we need to focus on 3 aspects i.e. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


This will help our future generations and keep our Mother Earth happy.


To give back to nature what we take from it, follow the simple rule of give and take.

Nature is our real home as it gives us what we need for our survival. It is equally important for us to give back to Nature what it needs.


Recycling waste material into useful products or resources prevents pollution, conserves nonrenewable natural resources and reduces energy costs. For example we re-cycle and use paper, cardboard, plastic, cans, glass and various other products from Agro and other industries.


As much as it has been advocated that people should cut back on water usage and to minimize wastage of water, it is even more rewarding to collect and reuse waste water as it ultimately saves raw water for the needy and deprived.


We tend to waste water in many ways by way of teeth brushing, shaving, flushing, shower baths, running taps while we are busy doing other activities. Reduction in usage is a method that can help and make this planet sustainable for every life and to reduce our water bills!


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle water


We have listed unconventional knowledge about reusing water that can help you in  various ways


  • Redirecting drain water (Grey Water) from kitchen and laundry. This can be treated at different levels for removing chemicals from them and can be used again.  With the installation of the system, the grey water can be used outdoors for cleaning the balcony and the driveway, watering grass, or even washing the vehicles.
  • Collect shower water- The water from the sink or bath can be used for mopping, dusting cloths, car washing, irrigation of plants, and other non-potable activities. This will decrease the pressure on the fresh water required for these activities.
  • Save kitchen water- After washing rice, dal and veggies, fruits that water can be used for plants
  • Recycling dirty aquarium water- Aquarium water should be changed often and that water can be used for gardening. We are not stressing here to use water from salt water aquariums as it can harm the plants due to salt content.
  • Reuse the waste water from vehicles cleaning for your garden.
  • Reuse laundry waste water for cleaning common areas.
  • Rain water harvesting is another way to conserve water for gardening and cleaning.


Thought for WATER :


     “ Unless you strongly believe in Elon Musk‘s idea of making Mars as another habitable

      planet, do remember that there really is no ‘Planet B’ in this whole universe”.


Knowing where and how to reuse water wisely around your surrounding is just the first step towards reducing your impact. The next step is to start following and working on it.


       It is true that if everyone will understand the 3 R’s in every aspect then we can

       overcome the adverse situations that the world is now facing and let’s make our Mother

       Earth a beautiful and sustainable place to enjoy life.